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8th Annual Dialogue & Friendship Dinner

Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue has organized 8th Annual Dialogue & Friendship Dinner at Downtown Hyatt Hotel. For more than 8 years, these dinners have been one of our signature events where people from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures gather around the same table.

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Lecture - Heather McGovern

Gender Inequality in America and Opportunity to Overcome
Gender inequality is a highly controversial topic in United States that has continuously been argued for many decades. The ongoing controversy of Gender Inequality focuses on the main causes of this problem.

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Tucson Meet Yourself

Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue volunteers delightfully join the crew at the Turkish Booth at Tucson Meet Yourself. Despite it was hard working day, all guests at the boot enjoyed the service and delicate menu throughout the festival. Considering the fact that more than 70,000 people have visited the festival, it was such a busy and joyful day for both volunteers and guests.

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